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Premium Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Love your yard!

Everyone wants to have their lawn and yard looking its best. Green, healthy, weed-free grass and finely manicured landscaping not only makes it enjoyable for the family to use and play on, it creates positive curb appeal and adds value to your home.

The problem is time and lack of expertise. Am I using the right tools and materials? Am I doing this at the right time?

Let the experts at Grow Pros Lawn Care take that anxiety and worry away from you and replace it with peace of mind.

Grow Pros Lawn Care has a staff of highly trained and licensed professionals who use the highest quality tools and materials in the marketplace.

Grow Pros Lawn Care offers exclusive 4, 5 or 6 step lawn fertilization and weed control programs to best suit your needs. Designed by a former golf course superintendent, these programs will keep your lawn healthy, strong and beautiful. Best of all, you will have a yard you and your family can use and be proud to have. Count on Grow Pros Lawn Care.

Step 1: In the early spring, we apply a specialized fertilizer to help your turf come out of winter on the right foot. This application will give you a healthy, dense lawn to start the year.

Step 2: In the late spring, we apply a broadleaf weed treatment along with an application to control crabgrass later in the year. We also apply an application of slow release fertilizer with iron so your yard stays healthy and green.

Step 3: In the early summer, we kill any weeds that may have popped up and apply more slow release granular fertilizer with iron to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Step 4: In the late summer, we will stay on top of any weeds that find their way into your yard, and apply another round of slow release granular fertilizer with iron.

Step 5: Early fall is the most important application of the year. We apply a final weed preventative for the next spring. We apply a granular fertilizer with iron to encourage deep root growth. This will ensure your lawn will come out of the winter strong and healthy.

Step 6: In the late fall, we put down an additional fall fertilizer to further strengthen your lawn roots before the winter arrives.

Premium Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


This lawn was mostly weeds and the grass just could not compete. Common weeds included clover, dandelions, plantains and thistles.


After just the 3rd application, the grass is greener and almost all the weeds have been eliminated. 

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