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Pest Control Services Mosquito control, flea and tick control, and perimeter pest control

At Pro Grows Lawncare, we offer comprehensive mosquito control, flea and tick control, and perimeter pest control services to protect your home and family from unwanted pests. Our expert team uses safe, effective treatments to create a barrier around your property, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free outdoor experience. Say goodbye to itchy bites and harmful pests with our reliable pest control solutions!

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Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance and can prevent you from using your outdoor area due to their constant bites. At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we can help you take back control of your property with our mosquito control service. When we visit your property, we will apply our insecticide throughout your property using our backpack misters. We will make sure to cover your entire lawn evenly so we don't miss any spots where mosquitoes might be hiding. We'll blanket your property with recurring visits to make sure these biting pests don't try to take up residence throughout the year.

Flea & Tick ControlOur flea and tick treatments will blanket your property with protection.


Our flea and tick treatments will protect you and your loved ones from these biting pests during the warmer months of spring, summer, and fall when these pests are most active. Our flea and tick control begins in the spring to get ahead of the flea and tick population before an infestation can begin. We return to your property every month throughout spring, summer, and early fall to re-apply our flea and tick control product so you stay protected. Our flea and tick control services will give you peace of mind knowing your family and pets are fully protected while enjoying outdoor activities.

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At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we offer our pest control services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, and throughout the surrounding areas of Indiana.

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Ryan Davis is our landscape architect with a strategic mindset and a knack for effective communication. Ryan graduated from Ball State University, where he developed a deep understanding of landscape design principles and sustainable practices.

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Driven by a desire to create spaces that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality, Ryan approaches each project with a strategic eye. He carefully analyzes the unique characteristics of the site, considering factors such as topography, climate, and client preferences to craft innovative solutions!

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