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Mosquito Control

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Mosquito Treatment

From backyard bar-b-ques to weekends spent at the lake, Hoosiers love to spend time outdoors. However, mosquitos can quickly ruin any outdoor activity. Don’t let them push your event indoors! Enjoy your outdoor space all season long, at any time of day or night when you let the experts at Grow Pros Lawn Care treat your property with mosquito control applications.

As an added benefit, this will also significantly reduce the fear of mosquito transmitted diseases, such Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus and dog heart worm.

Whether applied as part of a regularly scheduled program or prior to a special event, you can rest assured that your outdoor event can be held outdoors!

While, unfortunately, no treatment program can eradicate these pests 100%, with the use of our regularly scheduled program, not only will you see the significant decrease in mosquito population, you will also start to notice that ticks and fleas diminish as well!

We offer 4 to 6-month programs for perimeter pest control. Our licensed professionals will apply each application to the perimeter of your home and any landscaping in your yard. We will help you detect any places in your yard that may be possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

 We also perform one time and special event sprays (reunions, weddings, picnics, 4th of July). We will come out to your property 1-2 days in advance to spray the surrounding areas of your outdoor event. 

Count on Grow Pros Lawn Care, to make your yard a more enjoyable experience for your family and friends!

Mosquito Facts:

Mosquitoes are not only a flying/biting nuisance but they are vectors for disease such as West Nile Virus and the newest concern, Zika Virus. There are 55 documented species of mosquitoes in Indiana, and about 12-15 species are significant to public health (Purdue Entomology). Female mosquitoes are blood suckers and are attracted to carbon dioxide expelled from warm blooded creatures. 
Whereas, males are attracted to nectar and plant sap and do not feed on blood.

Females lay their eggs in standing water making bird baths, unkempt gutters, discarded old tires and any standing areas of water in your yard the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are active between dusk and dawn. So during the day, unless disturbed, they will hide out in your shrubbery and trees. For more information about mosquitos and other perimeter pests visit Purdue entomology and Michigan State entomology websites.
 - PurdueMSU

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