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Your Irrigation Specialists 

From pre-seasonal start up to post-seasonal water blow outs yard irrigation systems can be time consuming and aggravating. Grow Pros Lawn Care can take this necessary chore right off your plate. The expert professionals at Grow Pros Lawn Care have been trained by a former golf course superintendent in everything to do with lawn irrigation systems.

This includes the following:

Proper installation

Sprinkler head placement

Head maintenance

Clock setting

Pre-winter water blow-outs

Our irrigation professionals use our team’s turf expertise to make sure that your system clock is set to water your lawn correctly. This will reduce water waste, lawn diseases, and promote a healthier lawn. Make sure your irrigation system operates the way it was intended to perform. Let the highly trained professionals at Grow Pros Lawn Care do the job right, worry free and on time.

Irrigation Start up

In late April/ early May, Grow Pros will start up your irrigation system by checking each zones operation manually to see that it is still working properly and we will make sure the clock is set up correctly.

Irrigation Audit and Repairs

Performed usually in June/July, we will make any adjustments necessary to ensure uniform coverage of your sprinkler heads. We will again check to make sure your system is working properly and that your clock is set up correctly. Irrigation repairs are charged at an hourly rate plus parts used.

Irrigation Winterization

In the fall, we use an industrial sized air compressor to blow all of the water out of the system to eliminating any chance of winterization damage. 

Irrigation Installation

We now install irrigation systems. We will map out and install the new irrigation system on the property. We also install drip system for new and existing plant beds.

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