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Dunlap, IN Complete Lawn & lANDSCAPING Services

Our company offers full-service lawn and landscape maintenance for properties in Dunlap, IN.

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We offer an extensive list of lawn and landscaping services for clients in Dunlap, IN, and surrounding area!

We provide comprehensive lawn care services, snow removal, hardscape installs, and more for properties in Dunlap, IN

Dunlap, IN is a small suburb of Elkhart County. This once small farming community is now known for its manufacturing and production. The community is extremely rural with plenty of wide-open space. Winters are particularly harsh for this area of Indiana with properties receiving a ton of snowfall every year!

Our lawn and landscape company has been servicing Dunlap, IN, and the surrounding areas for the past nine years. We are a local and family-owned company that understands how to care for and maintain residential and commercial properties during every season. With our full list of services, you can rest assured that your entire outdoor area is in good hands!

Our full list of services ensures your lawn and landscape are beautiful all season long.

There's a lot that goes into keeping a lawn healthy and strong. Repairing and replacing your lawn due to lack of care and maintenance is expensive compared to having a handful of services performed every few months. We provide aeration and overseeding, weed control, fertilization, and more for properties in Dunlap, IN.

Our lawn care services will protect your yard from common lawn diseases and pests while also improving its overall health and appearance. We also perform seasonal cleanups and offer insecticide treatments for grubs, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Endless beauty awaits your property with our professional hardscape and landscape services!

The amount of effort and detail that goes into having a professional-looking landscape requires a team of experts. That level of quality is always seen in our hardscape and landscape services!

We'll help you take advantage of any unused outdoor living space by expanding your design with a new paver patio, custom fire pit, or any other hardscape option you'd like to see. You can make sure everyone sees your gorgeously designed landscape with our outdoor lighting systems. We can also install a retaining or seating wall on your property if you want to add more seating space.

If you have landscaping beds that could use a good cleaning out, we'll perform a full planting bed renovation service complete with annual flowers and new mulch installation! We install irrigation systems as well if you can't find the time to water your plants.

Another part of plant health is regular trimming and running. Our team will maintain all your trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants so no dead or broken damage can harm newer growth.

We offer the same level of lawn and landscape care for commercial and HOA properties in Dunlap, IN!

No property should be excluded from having a well-maintained lawn and landscape in our book. Our services are especially beneficial for commercial and HOA properties that need year-round grounds maintenance.

We make sure every element of your exterior property is clean and free of debris. You'll also receive regular snow removal and deicing services during the winter season! We have all the right equipment for any sized property that won't damage sidewalks or parking lots. Our company offers 24/7 dispatching for commercial and HOA properties needing snow cleared immediately.

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You can rely on our full-service lawn and landscape company to provide your outdoor area with everything it needs to stay healthy. We spare no expense at making sure your residential or commercial property in Dunlap, IN is cared for to your expectations. Give us a call at (574) 326-3526 to have a member of our team set up a consultation!

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