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Lawn & Landscape Services in Buchanan, MI

Our services include fertilization, HOA grounds maintenance, patio installations, and more!

Named after the 15th president of the United States, James Buchanan, Buchanan, MI is a city that not only remembers but honors its roots. Much of the natural beauty of the city has been preserved over the years, including the redbud trees that line the city streets, earning it the nickname "Redbud City." With Mud Lake Bog Nature Preserve, wineries, and even RedBud Motocross racing park, there's something in Buchanan for everyone in the family to enjoy!

We're honored to provide professional lawn and landscape services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Buchanan, MI and surrounding cities. Our broad range of services includes fertilization, mulch installations, landscape bed renovations, patio installations, and more!

Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Our six-step lawn care program encompasses fertilization and weed control to nourish your lawn with nutrients and keep weeds from taking over. If you're battling a particular type of weed in your lawn, we offer targeted weed control services for nimblewill and bentgrass weeds. To further bolster the health of your lawn, our aeration service will reduce soil compaction and foster better nutrient access for your grass.

If your lawn is looking bare in areas, overseeding is the perfect solution! We will spread healthy grass seeds across your lawn to fill in any bare or patchy areas with beautiful new grass. We can also take it to the next level and perform power seeding on your lawn to sow grass seed directly into the soil for lawns that need a little more TLC to become lush. To protect your lawn from health threats, we offer lawn disease treatments and insect control to combat dollar spot, red thread, chinch bugs, armyworms, and more!

With your lawn healthy and thriving from the above services, you'll want your entire property to be glowing – we can help with that too! Our seasonal cleanups are comprehensive pick-me-ups for your property, including debris and leaf removal, mulching, and more. We can keep your plants, shrubs, and hedges in tip-top shape with our landscape trimming and pruning services. With landscape bed weed control, your beds will be free of ground ivy, white clover, foxtails, and more!

With our drainage and grading service, we'll correct poor drainage in your property by implementing solutions like land grading, French drains, dry creek beds, and catch basins to redirect the flow of water from your home or business. Our irrigation and sprinkler systems will be custom-tailored to the needs of your lawn and landscape to keep them hydrated, and we can also maintain and repair systems throughout the year! We offer all irrigation services to commercial properties and our irrigation installation service is offered to residential properties.

For optimal health of your landscaping plants, look no further than our tree and shrub fertilization, insect control, and disease treatment services!

Landscaping Design & Installation Services

Our landscape professional installing flowers into a landscape bed by a home in Roseland, IN.

Our landscaping design and installation services will elevate your property! Installing a new hardscape feature like a patio or walkway will ensure your grass is safe from being trampled on while you enjoy your outdoor space, with a new driveway increasing curb appeal. Our retaining and seating walls can combine beauty and utility, creating more usable space or extra seating on your property and looking great while they're at it. We can even add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to bring a warm ambiance to your property! And for the ultimate addition to any space, we offer customized outdoor kitchens that can include amenities like pizza ovens, refrigerators, wine coolers, and more.

For softscaping, we've got your back. Our plantings and flower bed renovations will rejuvenate your landscape with native plants and stunning annual flowers that perfectly complement your property. We also offer rock and mulch installation that'll help your landscape beds pop while improving moisture retention!

Illuminate your property and highlight its best features with our outdoor lighting!

We also offer commercial lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, and HOA grounds maintenance.

We know how important a good first impression is for a business relationship. That's why we make our high-quality services available for commercial properties as well! Our commercial lawn care and landscaping include shrub and tree trimming, flower bed renovations, weed control, fertilization, and more. We also offer commercial snow removal to ensure that your property is safe for clients and employees while being open for business. With professional HOA grounds maintenance packages available, your neighborhood will never have to worry about overgrown and unkempt properties!

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At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we pride ourselves on the high-quality lawn and landscape services we provide to the communities in and around Buchanan, MI. We know firsthand how wonderful these communities are because as locals ourselves, they're filled with our friends, family, and other loved ones! That's why you can count on us to never settle for anything less than the best. Whether you're considering fertilization, snow removal, an outdoor kitchen installation, or something else, we'll give it our all and work tirelessly until it's completed to perfection. Call us today at (574) 326-3526 to schedule your next service!

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