Come spring in Indiana, your lawn will be aching to awaken from its winter slumber – but it could use some extra help to get there! To help your lawn break dormancy, schedule fertilization treatments to nourish your lawn with much-needed nutrients, restoring its resources from the winter and jumpstarting growth in spring. Another important factor is stamping down weeds before they become a problem with weed control treatments so that your lawn doesn't have to fight for essential nutrients. You'll also want to be sure to schedule a seasonal yard cleanup to tidy your property and remove debris, which can block resources from reaching the roots of your grass if left to build up. With these tasks crossed off, your lawn is sure to emerge from its winter slumber stronger than ever!

Spring fertilization will refill your turf's nutrient stores to encourage healthy growth.

All winter long, your turf is using up its resources to bide time until the weather warms up. Once temperatures begin to rise, it'll be yearning to grow, but the biggest first step is refilling those near-empty nutrient stores! Fertilization is the perfect resolution, nourishing your lawn with much-needed nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients encourage great green color and healthy root development as well as strengthen the turf against health threats like diseases, pests, stress, and drought. Beginning the spring with a thorough fertilization treatment will ensure your grass starts on the right foot!

With pre-emergent weed control, your lawn won't have to fight against nutrient-stealing weeds in spring!

Our lawn care professional spraying pre emergent weed control on a property in Jamestown, IN.

Once the cooler temperatures fade away, your grass won't be the only plant ready to grow – weeds will be too! Spring is the perfect time to lay down defenses against these plants, with pre-emergent treatments being highly effective at blocking the majority of weeds from ever sprouting. Pre-emergent weed control creates a barrier over the soil that prevents germinated seeds from sprouting up, preventing them from accessing sunlight and other resources they need to grow and spread. This means that your lawn won't have to fight against weeds to receive the essential nutrients it needs to break dormancy!

Spring yard cleanups will help prevent your lawn's growth from being stifled by debris.

Over winter, leaves and other debris will pile up over your property and on top of your lawn. While it may seem harmless, these piles of debris can block resources – including sunlight, water, and nutrients – from reaching your lawn, resulting in stifled growth and in extreme circumstances, smothered grass. This makes spring yard cleanups essential after winter to give your lawn a clean slate to start the growing season and prevent long-term complications! Spring cleanups will generally involve leaf and debris removal, cutting back perennial grasses in your landscape beds, spring mulching, and more. With these tasks crossed off of your spring to-do list, your lawn and landscape beds will have the care they need to achieve success.

Piles of debris can attract disease and pests, so spring yard cleanups can help prevent those issues from developing.

Let us help your lawn out of dormancy. Call our team today to schedule our fertilization, weed control, and yard cleanup services!

Grass blades after services by Grow Pros in Elkhart, IN.

At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we've worked for 8 years to develop care and maintenance programs that are perfectly attuned to the needs of turf in our area. We offer a comprehensive, six-step fertilization and weed control program that involves pre- and post-emergent treatments, slow-release fertilizer, and a winterizer treatment to safely bring your lawn into the cold weather. Our spring yard cleanups can be customized to your needs, including leaf and debris removal, curbside pickup, cutting back perennial grass, and spring mulching. We can help raise your lawn from its winter slumber and enter spring ready to thrive with these services in tow! These services are available to property owners in Elkhart, IN and nearby areas like Granger and South Bend. Get in touch with our team by calling (574) 326-3526 today to schedule any of our lawn and landscape services.