Outdoor lighting is not only for improving your property's aesthetics but it also helps to increase security when darkness starts to blanket your home. Different outdoor lighting techniques allow you to achieve a well-lit property while also highlighting attractive areas and focal points of your property. Some techniques your property might benefit from include uplighting, downlighting, silhouetting, wall wash lighting, and grazing. Keep reading to understand how these lighting techniques can improve your outdoor space.

Create Playful Shadows on Your Property By Uplighting

Outdoor pool with uplighting technique employed on a wall near Bristol, IN.

Uplighting is an outdoor lighting technique where you place a spotlight at the base of an outdoor feature and point the light upwards to create playful shadows of the object's most exciting parts. Uplighting works best for your landscape trees. If done right, your trees end up looking nothing short of glorious with uplighting accentuating their crisp leaves and branches.

Highlight Texture & Add Drama to Your Landscape's Best Assets With Downlighting

Unlike uplighting, downlighting involves installing the lighting fixture at the top of any structure and allowing it to shine downwards. Doing this technique highlights fascinating textures on the object and illuminates the area below. Downlighting is a practical and versatile technique because it adds drama to your landscape's best assets like tall trees, landscape beds, shrubs, and seating walls.

Mounting the lights above is safer as it removes the risk of people trampling on them. It also increases safety for the rest of your property at night by illuminating a more extensive area below.

You can combine downlighting and uplighting techniques to add depth and dimension to your property.

Topiaries and stunning statues benefit from silhouette lighting.

Outdoor lights highlighting plants on a landscape near Dunlap, IN.

If your landscape houses topiaries with delicate shapes and statues with intricate details, placing a light behind it to cast its shadow will reveal its dramatic features. This technique is called silhouette lighting or silhouetting, and it's an outdoor lighting technique that will truly bring out the beauty of certain features.

Brighten Up Your Property's Wall Through Wall Wash Lighting

The wall washing lighting technique works best for walls painted in white or light tones. The lighting fixture's distance from the wall creates a brighter reflection in light-colored walls, which helps illuminate the rest of your property and make it look bigger from a distance.

Grazing highlights interesting wall textures.

Who would've thought that rough and uneven walls create a stunning display once well-lit? If your outdoor living space includes walls made from bricks and natural stones, applying the grazing technique will highlight the exciting textures on your wall. Grazing involves installing wall or directional lights at the side of the wall at a steep angle to achieve its purpose of showcasing irregular patterns and textures fully. Property owners should consider this lighting technique as it does a fantastic job illuminating rough walls around your property.

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Brightening up your home is done for aesthetic purposes and to increase safety on your property. Using different outdoor lighting techniques does that and more to your property because landscape lighting done right showcases your property's outstanding features.

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