At the Karkos residence in Elkhart, Indiana, our clients needed to update their front yard concrete steps and walkway for two reasons; the first was that they were outdated and in need of a modern update and the second reason was that they were falling apart and unsafe to walk on. They contacted us for this custom project and we worked with them to make sure that the end result of their steps and walkway was a durable and beautiful addition to the curb appeal of their home.

Our client's main concern going into this project was that they would be left with an overbearing hardscape that caused a distraction from the rest of the home. We moved forward with the project with this concern in mind, making sure that the Karkoses approved of the design every step of the way.

Throughout this project, we used Unilock products such as Ledgestone steps, a Rivercrest wall, Bristol Valley pavers, and Copthorne sailor course. Check out more details of the project below and see how we transformed the Karkos' front steps and walkway from outdated and unsafe to modern and durable.

We sketched a design for our clients using SketchUp.

Because our clients had a big concern about the hardscape being too overbearing for their front lawn, the collaboration and design steps were more important than ever to make sure that the Karkoses approved of the finished product before we even got started on the project.

We used software called SketchUp to show them what their front lawn would look like once everything was finished. After they made the necessary adjustments and sent it back to us with their approval, we got to work preparing their property for installation. Our team began removing the old, uneven concrete and creating a clean slate for the custom walkway and step installation.

Materials chosen for this project included Ledgestone units, Bristol Valley pavers, and more.

Unfinished outdoor step installation in Elkhart, IN.

When choosing materials for this project, we suggested using products that preserved a natural look to ensure that the end result wouldn't be too much of a distraction from the front yard. For the steps leading to the front door, we chose:

  • Ledgestone units: these long, durable steps weigh almost 900 lbs a piece. We suggested grey for the color so that it would match well with the house and not stick out.
  • Rivercrest wall: supporting the Ledgestone steps was a small wall made of Rivercrest. We chose Rivercrest because it gives you the feel of natural stone with the durability of concrete. This was made grey as well to blend in with the Ledgestone steps.

After the custom steps and supporting wall were installed, we focused on the walkway next. This walkway connected the front steps to the driveway, the sidewalk, and wrapped around the side of the house. The materials we chose for this were:

  • Bristol Valley pavers: these pavers have a subtle surface texture and mimic the appearance of natural stone. The light grey color on these pavers is wear-resistant, preventing it from quickly fading over time.
  • Copthorne sailor course: we surrounded the pavers with Copthorne, giving the walkway a finished look. We made these dark grey so that they would add a little pop of color against the light grey.

Walkway pavers installed by front steps in Elkhart, IN.

We finished installation by edging and jointing the pavers.

Edged and sealed outdoor steps after installation in Elkhart, IN.

After the steps and walkway were installed, we had to add the finishing touches. Edging and jointing pavers is likely the last thing that an ordinary homeowner thinks about; these small details are what added to the durability and appearance of our client's walkway project. The materials we chose to use include:

  • Perma Paver Edging - this product is designed to be 40% more permeable than ordinary concrete, creating a longer lasting edge. It stays under the soil which gives your walkway a cleaner look.
  • Polymeric sand - jointing our client's pavers ensured that no weeds or ant infestations would appear in between the pavers. Polymeric sand does not crumble or decompose, making it a durable choice.

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