There are many ways to warm your outdoor space. However, not many match the appeal or functionality of an outdoor fireplace. If you're in the Elkhart, IN area and have been seeking ways to entertain outdoors while improving your property value, it's hard to go wrong with an outdoor fireplace. Yet, as wonderful as they are, outdoor fireplaces aren't for everyone.

Deciding whether to add an outdoor fireplace to your property is a matter of assessing how well the fireplace meshes with your lifestyle. This means considering the size of your property, how many guests you plan on entertaining, and whether your property could use a focal point.

Consider the size of your property.

If you're considering adding an outdoor fireplace to your property, it's important to consider the size of your property as this influences fireplace design. Since smaller properties sometimes require using the patio for multiple purposes, larger properties tend to be better suited for outdoor fireplaces. Another reason that outdoor fireplaces are better for larger properties is that you need to have enough room for seating. A larger property will be able to more easily accommodate a fireplace and seating area without compromising space for other activities. If your property is on the smaller size, but you still want a fire feature, you may be better off investing in a firepit instead.

Consider how many guests you want to be able to sit around the fire.

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When deciding whether an outdoor fireplace is right for your property, don't forget to consider the number of guests who will sit around your fire. Outdoor fireplaces are meant to foster intimate settings. This is due to the size of the fireplace and the fact that the fire's warmth can only extend so far. If you don't usually host too many people at one time, then an outdoor fireplace might be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.l

Outdoor fireplaces can usually be either gas-burning or wood-burning, so you can choose the option that's right for your personal needs.

Outdoor fireplaces make the perfect focal point for your property.

One reason so many property owners find outdoor fireplaces attractive is they can be a great focal point for your property. This is particularly true for properties that possess beautiful features but lack a unifying theme, or no single element stands out. If you choose to add an outdoor fireplace to your property, it will likely become the main focal point of your property. This is especially the case once you light the fire.

If the area you're considering for your outdoor fireplace already has a definitive focal point, you'll want to evaluate whether the two elements would complement one another. For example, if your exterior features a large swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace could offer a nice counterbalance.

To install a fireplace that's right for your outdoor space, call us today!

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If you're evaluating the possibility of adding an outdoor fireplace to your property, remember to consider the factors we have mentioned above. Of course, should deciding whether to install an outdoor fireplace prove a challenge, we're happy to assist you. As a premier hardscape designer in the Elkhart, IN, our knowledgeable and well-trained professionals are more than qualified to get the job done.

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