We're midway through fall, and for many, this means gearing up for the holiday season or last-minute travel plans. But for property owners in Elkhart, IN, it also means ample leaves falling onto your lawn. With so much going on at this time of the year, it's easy to ignore fallen leaves. However, as many later learn, leaf piles can do harm to your lawn.

If you're looking to maintain a green and healthy lawn year-round, it's vital that you don't let piles of leaves collect on your lawn. If they linger too long, these leaf piles can invite pests, attract lawn disease, and smother your grass.

Leaf piles invite pests to your lawn.

Leaf pile on a lawn near Elkhart, IN.

Given the notion that fallen leaves can fertilize and improve your lawn, some property owners are surprised to learn that pests see lingering leaf piles as an open invitation to converge on your property. However, if leaves remain on your yard for an extended period, the pests could surely come. Some pests seek out these damp leaves because they need shelter. Others treat these leaves as a potential food source.

If left unchecked, these pests could spread to other areas on your property, whether it be your landscape beds, another part of your lawn, or they may even seek the warm shelter of your property's interior. Common pests in Elkhart, IN include ants, rodents, termites, and more. The best way to avoid these pests is to remove your leaf piles.

Leaf piles invite lawn disease.

In addition to inviting pests, fallen leaves also attract various lawn diseases. As the leaves pile up and fester, they create conditions that make a good breeding ground for lawn disease.

Here in Indiana, this could include lawn diseases such as dollar spot, red thread, and snow mold. Many of these lawn conditions often require the assistance of a trained lawn care professional to cure them.

Leaf piles smother grass and can block water, sunlight, and nutrients.

Red thread lawn diseased caused by lingering leaf piles near Leaf pile on a lawn near Granger, IN.

When leaves start falling, they can accumulate quickly. When there is a large number of leaves on your property, their weight can start to smother your lawn. When this happens it can prevent the flow of water, sunlight, and other vital nutrients from reaching the root system of your grass. If you don't remove these leaves in a timely fashion, they can start to cause damage to your lawn. If this happens, you will need to invest in some lawn care services to remedy the damage and restore your lawn back to full health.

A general rule of thumb for fallen leaves is that you don't want to go more than a week before removing them.

Don't let leaf piles harm your lawn. Call us today to schedule our leaf removal service!

Many property owners see leaf piles as harmless and are surprised to learn the damage they can cause to lawns. Don't let this damage happen to your lawn. We can handle those leave piles for you. At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we have been helping residential, commercial, and HOA property owners maintain beautiful and healthy lawns for nearly a decade. Our leaf removal service not only includes blowing your leaves, but we also remove them from your property, as well.

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