Spring is here in full force, and we couldn't be happier about it! It is the season to start things anew and give a fresh look to the inside and outside of your home or business. If you are considering freshening up your landscaping, then right now is the perfect time to add some annual flowers to your yard.

At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we install many different varieties of warm-season annual flowers in our northern Indiana region. Learn about five popular annual flowers our landscaping crews plant in Elkhart, South Bend, Granger, and the nearby areas of Indiana.

Warm-Season Annuals to Plant in Northern Indiana

We love annuals because they have many incredible benefits. Their blooms will last for months when they are planted in the right areas. It is also best to fertilize them throughout their growing season to maintain their blooms' vibrant colors. Annuals do only live for one year, but they will sometimes drop seeds where they sit, which means you could have new plants growing there in the following year. Some annuals we recommend installing in your landscape beds include:

1. Cosmos

Closeup photo of a cosmos flower blooming in Elkhart, IN.

Cosmos are easy to grow and attract beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies to your landscaping. They are very low-maintenance and have slender, high stems. Their shape resembles that of a daisy, with a bright yellow center. Flowers spread from the center in petals of yellow, pink, white, orange, magenta, red, and even brown. Plant these where they will receive full sunlight.

2. Geranium

Bright red geraniums blooming in Granger, IN.

Like the cosmos flower, geraniums also prefer full sunlight. They will bloom from spring all the way into fall as long as temperatures remain above 45-50 degrees. They bloom in colors of red, pink, purple, white, orange, and more. Some varieties emit a lemon scent that can help to repel mosquitoes.

Geraniums are toxic to dogs and cats, so keep that in mind when deciding where to plant them.

3. Impatiens

Bright pink impatiens growing around a tree in a South Bend, IN yard.

These flowers love the shade and need routine watering to stay healthy. Do not plant these until you are certain we have seen the last frost in Indiana, as a surprise frost can damage their vibrant blooms. They can be red, pink, white, magenta, and other colors.

4. Begonias

Brightly colored begonia flower blooms near Elkhart, IN.

There are many different varieties of begonia, but the wax begonia is the annual variety that is commonly planted. These also grow easily and have beautiful foliage along with their pretty flowers. One perk of planting begonias is that they are deer-resistant. They love full to partial sun and their flowers may be pink, red, or white.

5. Sunflowers

Bright yellow sunflowers growing near Granger, IN.

As its name implies, the sunflower loves full sun and thrives in it. Most people picture them as yellow, but they can actually come in other colors as well such as red, orange, brown, or maroon. It will take them about 80-90 days to fully mature, making them a fast-growing flower.

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