Unsurprisingly, winter isn't the best time for a lawn to reach its full growth potential. In fact, this dreaded season may cause your lawn to deteriorate. You shouldn't take your chances and hope it bounces back on its own.

To take the probability out of your lawn making a comeback, we at Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC offer you expert lawn restoration services that include aeration, hydroseeding, and more. Properties in South Bend, Granger, and Elkhart, IN can take advantage of our services year-round.

As we are in the middle of winter, you should become familiar with these three reasons why your property may require lawn restoration services in the spring.

1) Cold winter winds cause desiccation.

This lawn in Elkhart, IN needs restoration services.

Grass can go into dormancy and live through most types of weather conditions. It can even survive being under several inches of snow, as snow acts as an insulator. However, grasses that are left exposed to cold temperatures and harsh winds will undergo desiccation, or the loss of moisture. Your grass's roots will eventually freeze over and be unable to replace this lost moisture.

As winter draws to end, you can wait and see if your grass restores its health on its own. In some cases, you may require professional seeding services so your grass can reach its full growth potential.

2) Voles may damage your lawn in the winter.

Voles are small rodents that are active during the winter. Because they don't go into hibernation, they are on the hunt for food during the cold months. Their sneaky activity is masked well by the snow, as they are burrowing animals.

You'll know if voles have invaded your lawn if you see narrow strips of dead grass on your lawn. These winding bands indicate where exactly voles have destroyed your lawn's roots.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many steps you can take to prevent them from damaging your lawn. You can try the following steps to ward them off:

  • Remove old vegetation from your yard
  • Eliminate fallen leaves, dead grass, and other yard debris

If you have found your lawn has been damaged by voles, reseeding is the best form of treatment.

3) Winter crown hydration may cause your lawn to freeze over.

Crown hydration occurs in areas with fluctuating temperatures. If you have a warm day or two in February, your grass may think it's time to start growing. As a result, it starts to open up its roots to take in nutrients and water. Your grass starts to hold water in its crown, which is the part that's level to the soil. Once temperatures drop, your soil and grass will freeze over. Winter crown hydration is an even bigger issue in lawns with poor drainage.

While we normally perform aeration once a year in the fall, your damaged lawn could benefit from this service in the spring.

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A lawn in Elkhart, IN after our lawn restoration services were performed.

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