There are easy ways to spruce up your landscape beds. The first is to plant spring annual flowers that will bring new color and interest to your property! Common varieties for Indiana are petunias, impatiens, begonias, and pansies. Second, replenishing the mulch will go a long way in making the beds look well-manicured and fresh. Third, adding edging around your landscape beds will create clean, sharp borders that clearly define the end of your lawn and the start of your flower beds. With all three of these bases covered, your landscape beds will look good as new and your property's curb appeal will skyrocket!

1. Spring Annual Flowers

Petunia annual flowers planted in landscape bed in Notre Dame, IN.

A surefire way to add splashes of color, texture, and interest to your landscape beds is to plant spring annual flowers. These flowers will bloom bright throughout spring and bring character to your property. Common annuals in Indiana are:

  • Petunias: Fairly heat tolerant, petunias are a great choice for low-maintenance landscape flowers and come in colors like red, purple, and white.
  • Impatiens: Impatiens are bright and cheerful flowers that come in light colors of pink, orange, yellow, and more.
  • Begonias: Begonias come in warm shades of yellows, reds, oranges, whites, and pinks and depending on the variety, can thrive in full shade or full sun.
  • Pansies: Iconic for the unique face shape that forms in the middle of the bloom, pansies are a great flower to add character and come in a wide variety of colors.
  • ... and more!

Any of these flowers will add stunning visual interest to your landscape, so you can't go wrong no matter what you choose!

2. Mulch

Mulch added to landscape bed in St. Joseph County, IN.

As the base of your landscape beds, mulch has a big impact on how well-kept the beds look. Freshening up your mulch is a great way to rejuvenate a landscape bed and goes a long way in making your property look well-manicured! This will also help your plants thrive, preventing water evaporation and blocking weed growth. With healthier plants, your blooms will look even better! Professional mulch installation will see to it that there is ample space around your plants so they can grow unencumbered while still reaping all the benefits mulch brings.

Mulch comes in colors of brown, black, and red, so think about what will look best with the rest of your landscape!

3. Add Edging

Edged landscape bed in Elkhart, IN.

While it may be hard to envision at first since it doesn't come along with a big physical change, edging is an excellent way to spruce up your landscape beds! Proper edging will create clean, sharp borders around your beds that make them pop. This will increase curb appeal and draw the eyes of passersby to the landscape beds you're so proud of! As an added bonus, regular edging can help prevent lawn grasses from beginning to grow into your landscape beds where you don't want them, keeping you from having to do a bigger removal later on.

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