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Landscape Weed Control

All the Enjoyment!

Landscaped Front Yard

None of the Drudgery

We know of many people who love to plant flowers and shrubs. They get real enjoyment and relaxation by working in their garden. But very few enjoy pulling weeds! It’s that necessary evil that comes with gardening. Enter the professionals at Grow Pros Lawn Care. Our exclusive 6 step Landscape Weed Control program, designed by a former golf course superintendent, will significantly reduce weed germination in plant beds or along curbs before they even have a chance to grow. Imagine being able to work in your garden for the fun and beauty it provides without having the drudgery of pulling weeds all the time.

Our exclusive 6 step program includes:

Step 1: Pre-emergent chemical barrier. Designed to keep the majority of weeds from growing in the first place.
Steps 2-6: Post-emergent application. Spot spraying on weeds that penetrate the pre-emergent barrier.

All of these applications are performed during the same time we apply the lawn fertilization and weed control program.